Michael Morpurgo’s interview

On Tuesday we watched an interview of Michael Morpurgo about his inspiration of writing War Horse. After watching the video we individually made a google document and answered what inspirated him of writing War Horse. Finally we made a Sentence-Phrase-Word thinking routine.

Here’s the link to my doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ALgDwFoRSUFBfF6iDeg9aAlbmyuUbxqtM3yEMPSvxSk


During these last two clases with Angie we´ve been working with tenses in the past and in the present. The activity was to make different posters or mindmaps to explain these different tenses. I worked with Juana Tesan and Juana Fernandez Clavo.

These are the posters we made:

Present Simple

Present Continuous

Present Perfect Simple

Present Perfect Continuous

Past Simple

Past Continuous

Past Perfect Simple

Past Perfect Contiuous

thailand tsunami project

This term we’ve been working with natural disasters. Angie put us in groups and we did different activities. Every group made a presentation about different natural and human disasters and me and my group made a presentation about the 2004 Thailand tsunami.

Here is our presentation: presentation
Then, our other task was to make a video with a interviewer and 3 survivors of the tsunami and talk about their experiences on the disaster. My group was composed by: Santiago Ortiz Pando, Nina Gil and Bautista Subira.

Here is our video: video

Revolting Ryhmes Cinderella

In language we have been working with revolting rhymes. Angie divided us in groups and assigned each group a story. My group was formed by Juana Fernandez Calvo, Clara Zorraquin and Cata Pernarcic. Our story was “Cinderella”. Our task was  to find similarities and differences between the real story and the revolting rhyme.

here is the link


Parson’s Pleasure writting

a) name the main character in this story an describe physique and personality in a paragraph

The main character is Cyril Winnington Boggis. Mr. Boggis is a fraud and a scam. He pretends to be a clergyman to get things for less money saying that they were for the church, he didn’t want the people to know that he was a dealer. He is also a cheater and a liar.

b) Characters:  name  two other characters mentioned in the story, and give short despcritpions.

Rummins: The farm owner, he was a stumpy and king of grumpy man.

Claud: He was a neighbor, he was a short and broad-shouldered, he is smart.

c) Write a dialogue between Boggis and Rummins when he returns to find that the legs have been sawn off.

Rummins: Hey, we cut off the legs of the commode because it won’t fit in your car, but, what’s wrong?

Boggis: Oh my god, you are such a stupid man!!!, How could you do that?!?!. That commode cost thousands of pounds!!!

Rummins: Sorry parson, but you said that the commode costed nothing!

Boggis: i was lying you idiot! that commode was very expensive!!

Rummis: You are such a fraud!