biology tests

These last few classes we’ve been working with tests for different things. We learned about the test for Starch, for Proteins, for Vitamin C, for reducing Sugars and for Lipids. Heres a document were you’ll find all the tests we’ve been working on and the questions I answered from the interactive video we watched and used for these activities: Here’s the link to the interactive video and the quiz we did after finishing:

essay tips summary

Today, 3/4, in literature we watched a video about how you should write an essay. The video showed us some tips that were very useful and so now, im going to make a summary of the advices this man gave us.

Before starting to write an essay you should make a plan that includes important things you will talk about. This will help you to not forget anything and make mistakes. After making the plan you should start with the introduction. There, you can include your main idea and it should be short and understandable. In addition to that, you should also check that your paragraphing is clear for the reader and that your points and ideas are backed with evidence, and the best way of doing that is by writing short and intresting quotes from the text. Other important tips for writing and essay are to make sure that the question is answered and that your style and way of writing is formal and precise. As well as that, you should also be creative and try to use original and different opinions than other people. Finally, you must end with a conclusion. There, you will also write your main idea answering the question more directly.

Michael Morpurgo’s interview

On Tuesday we watched an interview of Michael Morpurgo about his inspiration of writing War Horse. After watching the video we individually made a google document and answered what inspirated him of writing War Horse. Finally we made a Sentence-Phrase-Word thinking routine.

Here’s the link to my doc:

Coronavirus, soap and biomolecules

Last class we worked with the coronavirus, the soap and the biomolecules. I made a document were you will find the answers to the multiple choice questions and the link of the audio in which i answered the questions and talked about the connection between these three things, here’s the link:

Lollipop Moment

For monday the 30st we had to make a video answering these four questions about a ted talk we watched in class.

1. Do you remember having a lollipop moment, a moment where someone said or did something that you feel fundamentally made your life better? It could have been a friend, family member or even a stranger.

2. Did you realise it was what Drew calls a “lollipop” moment or is it something you haven’t put much thought into?

3. Describe the situation: When, where and how it happened.

4. Have you thanked that person for their help? Do you think they know how valuable they are to you?

heres the video of the Ted Talk:

Heres the link of my video:

African Americans 1920’s and 2020.

Last history class with Pia we worked in pairs about different topics. With Igancio Okecki we chose African Americans in the 1920’s and now. We devided our work and so I did African Americans in the 1920’s and Nacho did in 2020. This is our document where you will find information about this topic: