Carta Cambridge 7/9

La clase pasada empezamos a escribir la carta para Cambridge que planeábamos hacer desde principio de año. En esta carta escribimos sobre todo lo que hicimos y trabajamos durante este año. Hoy termine de escribir la mia.

Cambridge letter 


                                                                                                            Guido 1880, 1119

                                                                                                           CABA, Argentina

                                                                                                           31th , August, 2020

Chief of admission department

The Old Schools, Trinity Ln,

Cambridge CB2 1 TN, United Kingdom

Dear Dr. Tilda Swinton, 

 As an aspiring artist, I am writing this letter to you because I’m interested in having a scholarship in Cambridge University. I have been working a lot  throughout this year and I believe that your program will provide me the best possible preparation to enter this field. Your organization has an outstanding reputation and the feedback I have received from many students have me convinced that there is no better place for me. 

First of all, during the first part of the year I started working with fashion in the 1920’s. I drew a lot of different sketches with a black pencil of women with short hair smoking cigarettes wearing long dresses, cute hats and pearl necklaces.I also drew men with suits and the different hats they wore. After some classes, I decided to start drawing another type of fashion. I started working with modern fashion. I drew lots of sketches with a black pencil of girls and women wearing different 2020’s fashion outfits. These were the ones I drew: modern fashion drawings . And, after drawing more than fifty sketches and remarking them with a permanent marker, I decided to put them all together and make a poster with all my drawings. I glued all of them together in one big black cardboard and pasted it in my room. 

Second of all, after I decorated my room with a cardboard full of drawings, I decided to keep on changing it. My door seemed a bit boring and lonely so  decorating it with printed pictures seemed like a fascinating idea.I printed more than one hundred images and pasted them on my door. This project lasted more than two weeks but it was definitely worth it. This was the result: finished door . Although my door did make my room a lot more fun, I still wanted to keep on spicing it up. I decided to paint a piece of furniture. I painted a cow animal print with acrylics and that took me more than 2 hours. This was the result: painted furniture. It ended up looking amazing and I believe I spent my time wisely.  

Lastly, when I finished decorating my door and painting the piece of furniture, I chose to change the subject and start to draw other things that weren’t related to the things I had been doing throughout the year. I began to draw random sketches with black pencil like a smoking cat, a fruit, an alien, shoes, snoopy, eyebrows, a nose  and different parts of the body like necks, hands, arms, feet and backs.  Although this had nothing to do with the work I had been doing it was really fun to challenge myself with this kind of drawings. 

In conclusion, attending this university is one of my biggest wishes and I believe it would be a life-changing experience. If you have any questions for me or if you can be of assistance in any way, please let me know. You can reach me at +1 4532 6477 or 

mis panqueques 18/6

Ayer hice panqueques con mi mama y salieron buenísimos. Al final se los comieron mis hermanos. Aca hay una foto:


2 huevos 220 gr. harina 0000 500 cc. leche

Esta es la receta:

  1. En un bowl poner los huevos y batir. Después agregar 100 gr. de harina, batir de nuevo y una vez unida la mezcla sumar 250 cc. de leche.
  2. Continuar batiendo y agregar 120 gr. de harina con el resto de la leche. Batir hasta tener una mezcla lisa y sin grumos.
  3. Dejar reposar unos minutos (mas o menos media hora).
  4. En una sartén, agregar media cucharada de manteca y esparcirla.
  5. Cuando este caliente, bajar un poco de fuego, poner una cuchara grande de mezcla en el centro de la sartén y inclinar para los costados para que se esparsa.
  6. Llevar al fuego y cuando se nota que los bordes del panqueque se empiezan a dorar, despegar de los bordes con una espátula o un cuchillo. Después dejarlo cocinar 1 o 2 minutos más.
  7. Hacer eso con toda la mezcla de panqueques.
  8. cuando ya tengas todos los panqueques agregar lo que te guste. Puede ser dulce de leche, nutella, leche condensada, etc.