Biology questions Asexual Reproduction

today, 17/10/19 we watched to videos on ceci’s blog about asexual reproduction and our task was to make 5 questions to the senior 4 students about this. I worked with Mora Sturla.


  • What are the differences between sexual and asexual reproduction?
  • What are the similarities between sexual and asexual reproduction?
  • What are some organisms who reproduce sexually?
  • In asexual reproduction, where do the genes come from?
  • What is the method of asexual reproduction in one-celled organisms?

Lab Work 9/10/19

Today (9/10/19) we went to the lab and tested the PH of different substances with red cabbage as the indicator. I worked with Mora Sturla, Nacho Ockeki, Sofia Moyano and Santino Yacobitti.

We filled 3 test tubes with different liquids and then we put 10ml of red cabbage inside each one of them. We had to wait a few second so that the color would change. For example, in the test tube number 2, at first the liquid was green, but then it turn into yellow.

reproduction on flowering plants

On the 9/10/19 we learned more about flowering plants. We shared these resources to help us understand more about flowers and their importance

Flower structure:
Video clip – germination: