essay tips summary

Today, 3/4, in literature we watched a video about how you should write an essay. The video showed us some tips that were very useful and so now, im going to make a summary of the advices this man gave us.

Before starting to write an essay you should make a plan that includes important things you will talk about. This will help you to not forget anything and make mistakes. After making the plan you should start with the introduction. There, you can include your main idea and it should be short and understandable. In addition to that, you should also check that your paragraphing is clear for the reader and that your points and ideas are backed with evidence, and the best way of doing that is by writing short and intresting quotes from the text. Other important tips for writing and essay are to make sure that the question is answered and that your style and way of writing is formal and precise. As well as that, you should also be creative and try to use original and different opinions than other people. Finally, you must end with a conclusion. There, you will also write your main idea answering the question more directly.

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