Biological Drawing 18/3

Today 18/3, we made biological drawings. here’s a picture of mine: 

After drawing we had to make a checklist

here’s the checklist:

2 marks if you did it really well
1 mark if you made a good attempt at it, and partly succeeded.
0 marks if you did not try to do it, or did not succeed.

You used a sharp pencil and rubbed out mistakes really thoroughly. 2
You have drawn single lines, not many tries at the same line.2
You have shown the specimen the right shape, and with different parts in the correct proportions.1
You have made a really large drawing, using the space provided.2
You have included all the different structures that are visible on the specimen.1
You have drawn label lines with a ruler, touching the structure being labelled.1
You have written the labels horizontally and neatly, well away from the diagram itself. 1
Take 1 mark off if you used any shading or colours. 2
total (out of 14) = 12

Finally, we had to make an audio of us explaing how we made the drawing,

here’s mine: C:\Users\Hp\Downloads\WhatsApp Ptt 2020-03-18 at 15.05.40 (4).ogg


clase lengua 18/3

Hoy, 18/3, Cami Aliberti nos dio la actividad de hacer un dibujo de una sirena y explicar que es en tu opinion. Este es mi dibujo:

Para mi una sirena es una criatura mitológica que vive en el mar. En mi imaginación, las sirenas son mitad humano mitad pez, es decir, tienen una parte humana: la cabeza, la cara, el pelo y los brazos, pero también tienen una parte de pez que seria la cola, que permite a esta criatura nadar. Las sirenas suelen ser buenas pero muchas veces son pensadas como criaturas malas que comen humanos. En mi cabeza, siempre fueron buenas porque siempre me gustaron las películas de la sirenita.

Chemicals of life (exit ticket)

Today, 17/3 Ceci told us to watch a video in her blog about biomolecules. Heres the link:

After watching the video our task was to make and exit ticket or slip about what we learned from this class.

The most important thing I learned today was:

the most important thing i learned today was the four biomolecules: carbohydrates, lipids (fats), proteins and nucleic acid and their monomers.

I need help with:

I think im going to need help with remembering all the things i learned from the video, for example what are each of these biomolecules made of.

I would like to learn about:

I think i would like to learn more about this topic. I find it interesting and fun. I would also like to learn more about carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids because they are really important in our daily life and it would be great to know more about them,

Ted Talk Leadership

Today, 16/3 we watched a ted talk about leadership. All together we completed a chart. Here is the document:

Then, our task was to answer some questions

Do you think small acts of kindness can change someone’s life?

I do believe that an act,even a really smal,l one can change someone´s life. For example, when telling someone a compliment. By doing that you can make a person instanty happy and it is not that difficult.

How do you think each person in their own way can positively affect the people around them?

I think that we can make different acts that can positively affect the people around us like: giving food to the people on the streets, helping disabled people, helping our friends or family when they are feeling depressed or sad and many other thing that are emphatic from your part.

What do you think everybody did when he says “Everybody lost it”? (min 3:09)

I think that when he says “Everybody lost it” he means that everybody lost their minds. To «lose it» is a very common expression that means to suddenly become unable to behave or think in a sensible way.

What do you think the word “catalyst” means? (min. 4:28)

I think the word catalyst is a moment or person that causes a change.

After watching the TED Talk, what do you think are the traits/qualities a leader should have? Have you changed your mind after this talk? 

After watching the ted talk i think that the most important traits of a leader are:  love, kidness, inspiration, empathy and confidence. Before watching the ted talk i thought that leadership was more about respondability, strictness, authority and control. I changed my opinion after watching the video.