Ted Talk Adora Svitak

Our task for monday 9/3 was to watch a ted talk from Adora Svitak and answer some questions.

This is the video: ted talk


Why do you think Adora wants people to stop using the word childish?   

I think that Adora wants people to stop using the word childish because she believes that it is disrespectful, discriminatory and critical towards children. She also thinks that children are not inferior because they are younger. Adults think they are more intelligent because of their age but age has nothing to do with it. A kid can be smarter than an adult and people cant always realize that.

Why does she say that it is a good thing for kids to dream about perfection?

She says that it is a good thing for kids to dream about perfection beause it gives them inspirations and hopeful thinking. Also, Adora mentions that nothing can really happen if you don´t dream about it.

According to her, how should learning be?

Adora believes that learning can also be the other way. Adults should learn from children. They should learn how kids have fun, how they are not scared to try new things, how they are always curious and love to learn, how they always say their mind and how strong their imagination is. But,unfortunatly, this doesn´t happen often because of the lack of trust that is shown from their part.

What does she mean when she says: “when expectations are low, trust me, we will sink to them.” (Minute 4:35)  Whose expectations?

She means that when adults expectations for the ability to face challenges from kids are low, we should try harder to prove them wrong.

When did Adora say the following phrases? (Which minute?):

a.  Our audacity to imagine helps push the boundaries of possibility. 2:32

b. …we are going to be the next generation, the ones who will bring this world forward .7:27

c. The traits the word “childish” addresses…1:14

d. … adults often underestimate kids’ abilities. 4:42

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