Lab Work 4/3

Today 4/3 we went to the Lab and Ceci told us to answer the following questions in groups, (I was with Rosario Omodeo Vanone, Juana Tesanl, Juana Fernandez Calvo and Mora Sturla).


  1. WHAT is different in the LAB?
  2. WHO do you think the idea was?
  3. WHY do you think this changes were made?


  1. Tables, shelfs, new computer, ligths, drawers and the color of the walls, shelfs and tables.
  2. We think that it was the school´s idea. In our opinion the changes are good, but it is still very hot in there.
  3. Because the school wants us to learn how to work in groups (as a team), also because there is more space and we can work better than before.

Then Ceci showed us the following video (from her blog) about safety rules for the LAB.

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