biology activity

Mi group was formed by Bautista Subira, Juan Ignacio Garces and Josefina Porretti. We were asked to do a cake of a plant cell. All of the information is in ceci’s blog. 

Well, first of all we got together in juani’s house and sarted making the cake. We did a «biscochuelo» and we bought a lot of candies for the decoration. Each candy represented an organell of the plant cell. For the cell wall we used a paper and we sorrunded the cake with that, for the cytoplasm we used dulce de leche, for the cell membrane we used «operas», for the chloroplast we used red gummy bears, for the mitochondria yellow gummy bears and for the rybosomed we used green gummy bears. For the vacuole we used some circular candy, for the golgi aparatus we used gummy snakes and finnaly for the nucleus we used a » bon o bon».

When we finished decorating, the next day we presented our cake and explained wich candy represented each organell and we ate it all together. It was delicious!

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