Biology task

Last class in Biology, Ceci told us to watch the following 2 videos. We had to make 5 questions for each video and a metaphor that summarize what we have learnt in class and with these two videos.

video 1

1 What is the difference between a science theory and a theory in daily life?

2 What does the endosymbiotic theory explain?

3 What do prokaryotes and eukaryotes have in  common?

4 Can eukaryotes have both chloroplast and mitochondria?

5 When a prokaryote engulved a small bacteria, did the digested cell die?

Video 2

1 What happens when two organisms get together?

2 Can cells absrobe bacteria?

3 What would hapen if other bacteria got inside the cell?

4 what happens if you destroy the bacteria inside a cell?

5 what do mitochondria and chloroplast both contain?

Metaphor: Cells live in a parallel world


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