Elizabeth Jennings, Modernism and Post modernism

Today, 16/04 we worked with our devices and wrote about elizabeth jennings’s life. After that we did some research about the main characteristics if modernism and postmodernism.


Task 1)

Elizabeth Jennings:


Elizabeth Joan Jennings was born july 18, 1936 Boston Lincolnshire, England and died in October 26, 2001. She was an English poet whose works relate intensely personal matters in plainspoken, traditional and objective style. Her father was a respected Chief Medical Officer who moved the family to Oxford when she was six years old. That’s when she discovered poetry while attending the Oxford high school.
she studied at St. Anne’s College, Oxford, and worked in advertising at the City library and publishing before she became a full-time writer.


Task 2)

Main characteristics of:




-The radical disruption of linear flow of narrative

-Modernists explored individual consciousness rather than narrative the focus was introspective

-Modernists made language central to artistics exploration

-there was a focus on the individual and his alienation and confusion




-Postmodern literature moves away from absolute truths

-Race, gender, class and power are all social constructs

-Truth and error are synonyms

-Traditional authority is false and corrupt




Language in Modernism is Idiosyncratic and in Post-modernism it is simple.

Modernism rejects realism whilst postmodernism is ambivalent towards realism.

· In Modernism, Literature is self-contained but in Post-modernism, it’s open and intertextual.

· Language in Modernism is Idiosyncratic and in Post-modernism it is simple.

· Modernism focuses on the writer but  Post-modernism focuses on the reader.

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