Parson’s Pleasure writting

a) name the main character in this story an describe physique and personality in a paragraph

The main character is Cyril Winnington Boggis. Mr. Boggis is a fraud and a scam. He pretends to be a clergyman to get things for less money saying that they were for the church, he didn’t want the people to know that he was a dealer. He is also a cheater and a liar.

b) Characters:  name  two other characters mentioned in the story, and give short despcritpions.

Rummins: The farm owner, he was a stumpy and king of grumpy man.

Claud: He was a neighbor, he was a short and broad-shouldered, he is smart.

c) Write a dialogue between Boggis and Rummins when he returns to find that the legs have been sawn off.

Rummins: Hey, we cut off the legs of the commode because it won’t fit in your car, but, what’s wrong?

Boggis: Oh my god, you are such a stupid man!!!, How could you do that?!?!. That commode cost thousands of pounds!!!

Rummins: Sorry parson, but you said that the commode costed nothing!

Boggis: i was lying you idiot! that commode was very expensive!!

Rummis: You are such a fraud!



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