language parson’s pleasure comprehension

1. Why did Mr Boggis disguise himself in the uniform of a clergyman?

Mr Boggis disguise himself in the uniform of a clergyman because he is a fraud and he is pretended to be someon else so that he can trick people into selling their antique and expensive furniture

2. What methods did Mr Boggis use to get into people’s homes?

He dressed with his black suit and a parson’s collar and explained the aims and ideals of the society of preservation of rare furniture. After that he would tell that the last man who he helped had a dirty-looking chair in the kitchen and it turned out to be worth four houndread pound and that after selling it he bought himself a tractor with the money.

3. How did Rummins, Claud and Bert behave when they saw Mr Boggis? Why?

At first they didn’t want Boggis to enter the house but then they let him take a look. because they were kind of suspicious.

4. Why did Mr Boggis say that he was only interested in the legs?

Because that way Mr Rummis would sell the furniture ina lower price

5. Why did Rummins, Claud and Bert saw off the legs of the chest of drawers?

Because they thought he was a real parson, and parsons don’t have large cars, and there was no way that the table would fit in a small car and Boggis said that he only wanted he legs so they saw them.


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