introduction to cells

Last class, with Ceci we watch a video about cells, and then we made this activity all together

Video 1

3 ideas that we got from the video:

1) It is a whole new world to us and scientists have bearly begun to understand it

2) All life is made of cells

3) Cells have different sizes & shapes and can be categorized

2 Questions about the video:

1) When we eat, do we eat cells?

2) What happens to cells when we eat them?


1) The nucleus is the heart of a cell (Josefina Porretti)

2) Cells are the sturdy branches from which all of us flowers grow


Made by Frank Gregorio

Published on January 31, 2012

Links to other subjects:

-Literature because the video ressembles a story and we also search for metaphors

-History because people in the past studied cells

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