Scientific method

In biology we have been working on the scientific method, we did this experiment as an example .I worked with Josefina Porretti.

Question:  What time of the day do I feel most awake?

Hypothesis: We feel most awake at 2 pm, because we just had lunch and that give us energy to go on with the day. Another reason is that we aren’t sleepy at that time. We also think  that the sun-light helps because it wakes you up a bit more.

Experiment: To prove our idea we are going to go to sleep at 10:00 pm and wake up at 8:00 am. we are going to eat the same amount of food and drink the same amout of water every day . We are also going to be checking every hour and writting how we feel.

Conclusion:   Our conclusion was wrong because we tried the experiment and we felt most awake at 17:30 pm, but It depends on the person and the day, for example if you are a sleepy person, or if you have not slept the night before, etc…

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